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PKI Consultant (Retired)


This section's purpose is to tell you a little bit about my former professional self and some of the work I once did.  I've published a few items which inform you about an IT security capability in which I supposedly exhibited expertise - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Most of the content in this section was taken from the web-site I created to evidence my professional background / skills while I was seeking consulting work:  Following my retirement I decided to keep it to look back upon, rather than chuck it away.

I've put together a
page where you can see certificates / awards I have gained, newspaper and magazine articles written by / about me, click on this link to view it.  You'll see that the page is organised into the following categories:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future - I'm most excited about this category!

During my career I gave presentations to audiences and delivered videos of technical solutions for use by customers, you can view some of them by clicking on this

PKI White Papers
I've written
white papers for nCipher (formerly Thales e-Security) and Oxford Computer Group (now  The nCipher document is related to best practices for offline CAs, whereas the Oxford Computer Group document is a general backgrounder on PKI.

PKI Solution Documentation
Almost every engagement I worked on resulted in my writing
solution documents incorporating high and low level designs, operational guides, key signing ceremonies or integration approaches.  The sample documents I've provided have been vastly redacted.

Legacy Documentation
After reminiscing on my IT career I uploaded some
random documents I authored during the early stages.  Some of it was in the days of DOS (pre-Windows) and before networking reached its TCP/IP nadir.  The documents are a hotchpotch which I haven't attempted to put any formal structure around.

IT Security Skills
Rather than publish a curriculum vitae / resume describing my IT security skills, I've given a brief summary of some of what I considered to be the highlights, which can be viewed by clicking on this 

Companies I Previously Worked For / At

I put together a list of most of the companies I'd worked for / at during my career during a trip down nostalgia lane, you can view it by clicking this link.  Some engagements were as short as one day, the most effort-days expended was with the Metropolitan Police which was for about five years.  The longest elapsed period was with Lancashire Constabulary, where in 2019 I completed a replacement of some systems I'd previously assisted in deploying in 2010.


Former Home Page Headlines on

Is PKI Relevant in the 'Mobile Device \ Cloud' Era of the Internet?
Robert Hannigan, who was the director of GCHQ until 2017, once shared his thoughts about PKI on, I extracted the following from the statement he made: “Almost every aspect of life online relies on PKI.”  Powerful stuff indeed!

​My Quote :-) 

Without PKI, there'd be no HTTPS.  Without HTTPS, there'd be no closed padlock in your browser address bar.  Without a padlock, there'd be no online banking or secure login to email... or whatever!​​​​