The Author

‚ÄčIT Security PKI Consultant (Retired)


This section's purpose is to describe a little of my former professional self, and evidence some of the work I once did.  I've published a few items about an IT security capability in which I supposedly exhibited expertise - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).  Following my retirement, I decided to keep it to look back upon rather than chuck it away.

I've put together a
page which shows certificates and awards I have gained, newspaper and magazine articles written by or about me - it can be viewed by following this link.  The page is organised into the following categories - I'm most excited about the latter :-)

  • Distant Past
  • Recent Past
  • Present and Future

Companies I Worked At or For
In a trip down nostalgia lane, I put together a list of most of the companies I worked at or for during my career which can be viewed by following this 

During my career I gave presentations to audiences and delivered videos of technical solutions for use by customers, many of them can be viewed by following this

Perhaps the biggest single deliverable during my career was the authoring of documents.  I've published some PKI solution documentation, and also some legacy documents I wrote prior to specialising in PKI - they can be accessed via this link.


During the covid pandemic in 2020, I was unable to directly support people in my tech buddy role, so I devised approaches to help people manage their passwords.  I put together a "selfie-video" and a documented approach, both of which can be accessed via this link.

IT Security Skills
Rather than publish a curriculum vitae / resume describing my IT security skills, this
link directs to a summary of what I considered to be the highlights.