First Week Back at Work: Day 5

Diary Transcripts - 28th July 2015

A day off! I woke up exhausted, but still felt the urge to come down and type up some notes and start penning a response to an email I got from Andy Bryars yesterday.  I didn't need to, but I wanted to.  I'm really excited about seeing Olivia later.

My pain sensation is really impaired - I got my hair cut at Puertons and amongst the other things we chatted about was hernia - he'd had two operations. While he didn't describe the symptoms as pain, he did say strong discomfort - I don't have the slightest tinge. I've done pain tests on myself and while it doesn't feel right to use pliers on my fingers, I can feel something, but I can't truthfully describe it as pain.  I also have impairment of smell, taste and touch. It's not that I don't have these senses at all, it's more that I can't judge anything by them. I struggle to notice good or bad smells, wet or dry towels and I'm sure I couldn't tell in a blindfold test, between cheesecake and dog muck.

Charlie has metamorphosed these two years.  He was a boy in 2015, but now I see him very much as a man.  It's not because of age, or working, or driving, etc.  I think it's his attitude and values.  He has an absolutely fantastic relationship with Ruth, it's just perfection.  I know that Ruth's brilliant parenting contributes to this, but it takes two to tango.  Charlie has been fantastic with me, through potentially awkward periods where we were at home together an awful lot.  He showed me real respect, which he may never understand just how much it meant to me.Of course there has to be a twist in the tail... Charlie was working at MacDs and Ruth and I dropped the Golf off for him.  Ruth had assumed he'd have his keys with him, but doh, he didn't!  He also leaves his wallet behind on most days, how can anyone function without a wallet?  Hee.

I slept from 15:00 to 17:00, I was simply knackered, but I recognised it and dealt with it properly.  This week could very easily have gone wrong, with me feeling that the working chapter of my life being over Ruth would be the one left picking up the pieces.  But it didn't!

In some ways I feel normal, but also born again.  Closure

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