Trying to be Useful

Out of Critical Care

The full email is shown in this link.

Less than two months later I was back at work in July 2017 as if I'd never been away, doing IT security work for the Met Police in London where I had last been in professional employment.

So, you may ask “what changed?”  I have given this a lot of thought and pondered endlessly - my hugely insightful response is “I dunno

After the Visit

I read through these emails in December 2017 and originally thought of myself thinking I missed the work matters of being an expert in something, but the banter with Phil has made me realise it was the simple human interaction that I missed the most.

In November 2015 I was sure I was reaching a threshold where I’d be fit for work shortly. My first paid work again was in July 2017 - over eighteen months away - and two years after the RTC.  Even then, I was unsure if I was ready and we had fears that I was rushing things.  It’s important to stress that these weren’t simply academic decisions based on some measure of my progress - Ruth and I agonised on my ‘rushing’ things.  With hindsight one may think two years wasn’t rushing - but it really was.

​22 Months of Recovery and Still Not Ready​ for Paid Employment
The email snippet below is from May 2017, in response to a former colleague asking me if I was in a position to consider returning to my former position at work. This exchange was a full twenty months after my RTC, I didn’t feel I was in a fit state to return to work.

Arranging a Visit

November 2015 - thinking I'd be back in the swing before too long, I was arranging a first visit with a friend and colleague (see link)

Email Notifications at Work

​First Messages