Speech and Language Assistance

To gain confidence in my ability at conversing, I had assistance from my speech and language consultant.  In the videos you see below I was talking to my iPhone being held by my consultant while I talked about things I was familiar with.

The recordings were made on 7th February 2017, a full eighteen months after my TBI.  At the time I felt I had done well, and I had!  However reviewing the videos a further two years on in February 2019 I could see how I had still been limited, struggling a little with my word recall and speech.

I'm talking about a holiday experience in New York.

I'm explaining how to make a cup of tea.

Summary of the Island
I undertook the task of summarising a novel I had read, the Island, by Victoria Hislop.

It is about the lives and events of people who have leprosy disease.  It is not really about the illness, more about the fascinating relationships and experiences of the people who have led normal lives and then are moved to an isolated island to live out their lives.

Set on the Greek Island of Crete, specifically a little island just off Crete called Spinalongo. 

Spinalongo mainly has lepers from Crete itself whose residents are largely based around a (basic) fishing culture, but also gets an influx from the more sophisticated city of Athens which makes a big impact on the dynamics and vibe of the island.

It shows how people with the "teminal illness" of leprosy still work on making their lives tolerable and worthwhile.  In the meantime doctors are working on cures for the leprosy medication and we see how this impacts the lifestyle of all.

In the pre-war years, and then going through the war and into the sixties.  Ending when a cure for leprosy is discovered and developed.

Other Satisfying Tasks
I wrote instructions for my mother to use her new mobile phone.  I enjoyed refining the document over and over again to make it as readable and useful as possible for someone with very limited "modern technology" skills.

I have a friend (Gloria) through the RVS befriending service who has a similar predicament with her new phone and I am going to prepare similar very basic instructions for her.

I have always enjoyed documenting, I was even a "technical writer" at one point during my career.  I can get just as much satisfaction now doing basic documents and working hard to make it as targetted (aimed at the readers skill set) as possible.

Cloudy Head Reminder
Just for fun I raced my 11 year old daughter for only 80 yards or so earlier today and it resulted in me having a cloudy head.  I didn't run like crazy at all, but it was a big reminder that I should be really careful about trying too much too soon.