Returning to Work as an IT Pro

My return to professional work as an IT security consultant with the Metropolitan Police Service was an enormous event for me, fraught with concern over whether I was still up to the job.  Nevertheless, I was delighted to be back doing something I had enjoyed being an expert at and kept a detailed diary for each day during my first week.  I came to realise that it wasn't the work per se I enjoyed so much, it was the interaction with people and dealing with challenging situations.  The time period is Monday 24th July 2017 through Friday 28th July 2017, two years after my TBI on Friday 31st July 2015.   The addendum contains ramblings about my feelings at the time.  

Monday and Tuesday

Days 1 & 2:  Travelling down from Stoke to London and my first impressions of work again.  My thoughts on returning to work in the context of my overall recovery.


Day 3:  A day starting with dealing with an awkward person / situation, where I articulated the problems I had with him.  Regardless, the day ended positively.


Day 4:  Witnessing problems develop during an important technical procedure, yet holding council until better entrenched.  Returning home absolutely delighted.


Day 5:  I was knackered, but immensely satisfied at how things had gone.  I felt born again - a positive feeling that I still have at age 50 in the year 2020.


General thoughts about my week back at work, and life in general!  I recognised, and tried to articulate how impossibly fortunate I've been to have made the kind of recovery that I have.