National Health Service (NHS) Passion

I've travelled around the world quite a lot on business, whenever the subject of health care crops up there is consensus that the UK has a brilliant health service, and should be proud of the NHS.

People Should Accept Delays are Inevitable on the NHS Scale

I had been diagnosed with a hernia and was on a waiting list for three months before I decided to go private with an expected operation cost of £1,500.  I needed a referral letter from my GP, who advised it would cost £45 for him to sign it.  I was content to pay the referral fee, but matters dragged on for more than a week, whereafter the NHS came up with a date of the following week for me to have my operation.  Looking at this from a purely cost based analysis, the £45 referral fee delay probably cost the NHS £1,500 of NHS surgeon time - and more importantly meant the waiting list could not have been cut by 'freeing me' out of the equation.  I don't dispute that the NHS is imperfect - but when it really matters I have hardly heard a bad word said about it.

A Friend's Passion for the NHS

I am a friend of Roy Smith, a senior construction manager who has done lots of interesting work in his life such as build mansions for billionnaires in Kensington (London) or Caribbean islands.  However, Roy's biggest passion is his appreciation of the UK National Health Service (NHS).  The NHS is seemingly a much-maligned institution, but it has been there for both of us (and lots of others) when it really matters.  We see how it is much admired all over the world - but in the UK many people 'just don't get it'.  It may be easier to picque your interest in Roy by listing the people he has met during his fascinating lifetime and described in his first book - entitled 'From Oatcakes to Caviar':

  • Colonel Gadaffi (Libyan revolutionary politician)
  • Fidel Castro (Cuban Communist revolutionary)
  • Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh)
  • Lady Diana Spencer (Diana, Princess of Wales)
  • Ricky Tomlinson (actor, commedian and political activist)
  • Sir Stanley Matthews (one of the greatest English football players)

Roy is a successful author and an avid blogger, which you can view by clicking on this link.