National Health Service (NHS) Passion


I've travelled around the world quite a lot on business and whenever the subject of health care crops up there is consensus that the UK has a brilliant health service and should be proud of the NHS.  However possible, I intend to make a real effort to give back to the NHS in recognition of the wonderful service I received, and so many others have likewise.

Big is Beautiful
I consider having a single organisation responsible for providing health care to an entire nation (Great Britain) of 66 million people (2018) to be remarkable.  In 2018 alone there were 732,000 births and 611,000 deaths, I find it astonishing how successful the NHS is at managing this churn while remaining near-perfect at service delivery.  There are over 1,000,000 full-time staff working for NHS England, and that number doesn't even include the staff in General Practice (GP).  Coming from an IT background my initial observations are about how little administrative / organisation disasters there are related to appointments, planned surgeries, consultancy, etc.  How the NHS does its job of joining up GP care with hospitals and outpatiens is extraordinary.  I imagine everyone in Britain can tell a story about how a routine operation / appointment was cancelled or re-scheduled, resulting in personal inconvenience.  Yawn.

Looking beyond the numbers game leads me to observe what I consider to be the true heart of the NHS - the people.  In my various times in hospital, from minor ailments through to brain surgery I have rarely encountered staff who don't inspire trust.  I have no way of ascertaining the skills of NHS surgeons compared to those in private practice or different countries.  I do know however that I've not met a single person who has had an unsatisfactory experience when faced with major surgery.