Brain Basics

Follow this link to go to a web page which has a useful interactive demonstration of the major part of the brain, complementing the brain image shown below.

Neurosurgeon Review

Two Weeks After Discharge from Hospital

Shortly after I was discharged home from hospital in November 2015, I had a progress review meeting with the neurosurgeon who'd operated on me.  We discussed my intent to return to work (as an IT security consultant) and he commented how I was being sensible in deciding to wait a further two months until the New Year of 2016.  Despite desperately wanting to retain my purpose in life by returning to professional work, it wasn't until July 2017 that I did so - a further eighteen months later.

Looking back on this period with several years of hindsight I still find it impossible to explain how I felt.  I can't describe my limitations which made it hopeless for me to consider returning to work.  Furthermore, I can't describe what changed in me that eventually facilitated my return.