My Daughter (Olivia)

My ten year old daughter's life turned upside down and inside out just as she was approaching teen years, it must have felt like nothing was ever going to be the same for her.

Notes I Compiled for a School Behavioural Matter
"Olivia had to deal with significant distress following a near fatal accident that I (her father) suffered in 2015.  
Olivia and I were extremely close, however the family decided that it would be inappropriate for Olivia to see me for a period of approximately eight weeks.  I was in a coma for four weeks, when I came out of the coma my severe brain trauma meant I was mentally incapacitated.  Physically, I lost three stone and looked (in my own mother's words) like a survivor of Belsen camp.  There was expectancy that I would die, and the family‚Äôs wishes were that Olivia should remember me as the fun loving parent she'd had, and not the painful shadow of my former self.  Olivia finally got to see me in hospital after nine weeks.  Despite being informed that her father was severely mentally disabled, she has since told me that she was anticipating seeing me with broken legs due to a bicycle accident and not the almost unrecognisable, helpless self that I had become.  For a year or so after my discharge from hospital I was still a shadow of the father she knew and loved, we did very little together anymore as I couldn't properly engage with her because of my mental state.  I couldn't drive a car so her mother, Deb, was very involved in helping the relationship between Olivia and myself develop to a level where we were father and daughter again."

Olivia and Charlie

(The little people in the middle)