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Neil Coughlan, CEO of OCG and a respected ex-colleague wrote about me in his blog (see link).  If I was to write about Neil I'd use the pseudonym Nello (the nickname of the character Neil Baldwin in this link) who was a part of my being a Stoke City supporter during my late teen years.  Just go thirty seconds into this clip and you'll get the Neil Coughlan resemblance to Nello:-)

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Me at Work

The video below was me being a little daft when visiting previous employers, Oxford Computer Group (OCG) - you can see how 'thoroughly unprofessional' both myself and my OCG colleagues were!  The video was a spoof for a friend and ex-colleague (Stan) who was leaving the company. 

I'm the guy who entered the door left of shot (with ENG on my T-shirt).  On the right is Jeremy Wilson (the operations director of OCG), a respected former colleague who after participating either:

  • Thought it was a good laugh
  • Regretted his part in the spoof

I know it was the former, so good on him.