Legacy (Old) IT Documents
There's no structure or particular purpose around the documents presented here, they are simply a collection of some of my early work which I found mildly interesting in retrospect.

​​1991 (Age 21): Computerising the Factory Stores at GEC: Report
Accessing a mainframe application on greenscreen (and amber) terminals.
My first post-engineering job, it was in the days before "IBM compatible" Personal Computers (PCs) took off when progression was made to TN3270 terminal emulation.

​1995 (Age 25): GEC LAN Disaster Recovery Strategy
Windows NT, DAT tapes, floppy disks.
The DR strategy was all about people and processes, the technology was merely an appendix.

​1996 (Age 26): GEC Newsletter Contribution
Migrating from mainframe terminals to networked PCs.
I led the roll-out of 200 PCs.  150,000 files took up just 5,000 MB of storage.

1996 (Age 26): Moaning about Something at GEC
Hierarchial Storage Management (HSM), DAT drives, SCSI disks, RAID 5, Windows NT Advanced Server v3.1.
From a very early stage in my IT pro career I  rapidly became an expert - at complaining!  Dissatisfaction (see document) was a great word, which I regularly used when challenging management.

​1996 (Age 26): GEC Local Area Network (LAN) Strategy
UTP cabling, PSTN dial-up, MegaStream, Windows NT Server v3.51, Pascal, Fortran, 32MB RAM, 1GB disk storage.
I recommended TCP/IP over NetBEUI, Microsoft Office over WordPerfect / Lotus 1-2-3 and Windows 95 over Windows for Workgroups.

1997 (Age 27): Tarmac IT Manager Strategy
A proposal to reorganise head office IT systems.  Printers, mail, storage, archival, cabling, laptops, Schedule+, 28 KBit/s dial-up modems, 128 KBit/s ISDN.
​I’d moved on from solution delivery and into the realms of management - I found it wasn’t my thing.

1998 (Age 28): Britannia STORM-IT Proposal
Millennium compliance, new operating systems and software.  Proposing an upgrade to Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Microsoft Office 95.
The proposal required doing more than one change simultaneously, but management wouldn't back it and insisted I take things very, very slowly - so I left.

1999 (Age 30): Lynx Technology Year 2000 (Y2K) Advisory
While working as a consultant at an IT systems integrator, I accepted the role of IT manager in November 1999.
I moved from a consultancy role to management, my reward was picking up the Y2K poisoned chalice.

2003 (Age 33): HMRC Network Design
The solution contained secure WiFi, VPNs, RSA SecurID tokens, web content blocking, etc.
The design was ahead of its time - for the UK public sector!

2005 (Age 35): EDS PKI Demonstrator
I put together a 'virtual rig' which I used to demonstrate various PKI capabilities.
As soon as I became skilled at PKI, I wanted to explore it’s practical use.  I was never particularly interested / involved in the pure aspects of cryptography, I was driven by its real world application.