Life Begins at... 46

Months 12 to 24 After RTC

About one year after my RTC I knew that returning to my previous professional role was out of the question.  However, I felt well enough to want to have more purpose in my life, so I became engaged in various volunteering roles - see link.  I learned that the the voluntary work I did is formally recognised as a recovery approach by the name of vocational rehabilitation.  When I undertook my volunteering path it wasn’t with any objective towards recovery, I simply did it because I wanted to have a vocational purpose.  With hindsight, my path through various volunteering positions was a structured approach which I don’t think I could have improved upon if I was consciously deriving a path back to professional employment.  However, at the time, I just did these things because I wanted to get more satisfaction from my life, it was very successful, returning to paid work was simply a by-product.

Months 24+ After RTC

When I returned to professional work as an IT security consultant with the Metropolitan Police Service I kept a diary (see link) for the first week.  The diary contains little about the work undertaken and technology matters, it is more about my feelings at that time.

Month 49 After RTC

After retiring from professional work aged 50 I chose to get involved in volunteering again, with the specific aim of assisting people who were / are suffering from brain injuries - see link.