Life Begins at... 46

About six months after my discharge from hospital, I kept diary records of how I felt - see this link.  I used the records as a barometer to convince myself that I really was making progress.  Without reference to how poorly I had felt previously, it was difficult to see the progress I was making.  People would often comment on how much better I seemed, they could remember me being very poorly, whereas I needed the notes to have a barometer.

During my recovery, I had speech and language assistance - you can see the output of some of the sessions I had by clicking on this link.

When I returned to paid work, as an IT security consultant with the Metropolitan Police Service, I kept a diary (see link) for the first week.  The diary is less about the technology and work undertaken - it is more about my feelings.

I took my daughter Olivia on holiday to Ibiza and kept a diary (see link), in combination with returning to work it was another step towards what I considered 'normality' in my life.