I Needed to be Needed

I used to be a high flyer professionally speaking, but my high flying was seemingly book-ended with an air ambulance helicopter journey.

During my recovery I did a lot of volunteer work, principally with the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) in a simple befriending role (see
link) for the elderly and the infirm.  I met a lot of new people and discovered that whatever problems I had were seemingly no more challenging than what normal folk had to deal with.  I considered myself a reasonably intelligent guy, but I had never learned what empathy meant until I became involved with the RVS.

As I gained more confidence from my RVS experience, matters developed into me doing voluntary work as an IT buddy at the local library where I nominally used some of my skills as an IT professional.  The truth is that I used more of the skills unwittingly developed in my RVS role where I'd learned how to empathise and listen.  Some people would come in with an appointment to learn how to send an email or how to use a price comparison website, but it quickly changed into them talking about their own life challenges - be it physical disability, dementia or terminal cancer.  A significant number of the people I saw would ask to see me by name the following week, this gave me immense pride that I was really helping.

Clicking this link will take you to a page on this web-site which describes the various volunteering roles I undertook during my recovery.

After returning to professional work in July 2017, I continued for a further two two years before retiring in July 2019.  I've published some information on my professional web-site (see link) which advises of some of the voluntary work I've been involved in post-retirement.  It's necessary to scroll down to the My Future section on the page.

The Goal of This BLOG
My goal isn’t 1,000 views or 100 likes.  My goal is one person, anywhere, who gains strength or positivity or inspiration or hope from what I have shared.

Trauma Recovery Resources I Learned of...The Samaritans

www.samaritans.org  Helping people at a difficult time.

Citizens Advice Bureau
www.citizensadvice.org.uk  Assistance in benefits and work.

www.headwaynorthstaffs.org  Supporting people with head injury, and their families. 

Age Concern
www.ageuk.org.uk  Assisting older people.

Royal Voluntary Service
www.royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk  Supporting people in need.

Volunteering Opportunities
www.do-it.org  An index for searching volunteering opportunities in any given area.

Brainline Web Site
www.brainline.org  All about brain injury and coping with it.

After Trauma Web Site
www.aftertrauma.org  Supporting survivors and their families after trauma.