Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS)

Summary of my Recorded GCS Values (all 2015)

  • 03 on 31st July
  • 03 on 1st August
  • 03 on 2nd August
  • 03 on 3rd August
  • 03 on 15th August
  • 05 on 22nd August
  • ​07 on 27th August
  • ​11 on 29th August
  • 10 on 31st August
  • 11 on 4th September
  • 08 on 9th September
  • ​14 on 12th September
  • 14 on 24th September

These values are all taken from a neuro-psychiatrist's report, see link, I found them by simply searching for the term "GCS".

Severity of GCS

I found the following statement in an article about GCS, see link.  "In fact, the chances of survival with a GCS less than 5 are considered so poor, that in regions with limited resources, patients with a GCS of ≤5 are not even admitted to intensive care units (ICU)".

GCS Background Information

This link takes you to a web site dedicated to explaining GCS and is seemingly an authority on the subject matter.

Snippet 1:A GCS score of 3 due to head trauma is associated with a high mortality rate, and some researchers suggested that there are no chances of survival.

Snippet 2: The GCS is the most common scoring system used to describe the level of consciousness in a person following a traumatic brain injury. Basically, it is used to help gauge the severity of an acute brain injury. The test is simple, reliable, and correlates well with outcome following severe brain injury.  Generally brain injury is classified as:

  • Severe: GCS 8 or less
  • Moderate: GCS 9-12
  • Mild: GCS 13-15