Early Recovery

Months 2 to 12 after RTC

The hospital rehabilitation section (see link) contains the daily diary entries I made while at the Haywood Hospital in the third and fourth month after my RTC.

The discharge early days section (see link) is a random set of thoughts and diary entries in the first few months after my discharge from the rehabilitation centre.​

About six months after my discharge from hospital, I kept diary records of how I felt - see this link.  I used the records as a barometer to help convince myself that I really was making progress.  Without reference to how poorly I had felt previously, it was difficult to see the progress I was making.  People would often comment on how much better I seemed as they could remember me being very poorly, whereas I needed the notes to have a barometer.

​I was given an assessment by my physiotherapist who worked with me during my early recovery days, the report can be viewed by following this link.  While the physio's role was principally to work on my physical deficiencies, she gained great insight into my thoughts and feelings and helped me understand how I felt about myself at that time.

​During my recovery at home, I had speech and language assistance - you can see the output of some of the sessions I had by clicking on this link.

The anxiety section (see link) contains notes I made in preparation for meeting with my rehabilitation consultant six months after my RTC.​

The acceptance section (see link) contains my thoughts on how I managed any frustration I may have been susceptible to.  I focussed on the positives - that I still had in my life, and the love / support of family and close friends.