Coping Strategies

Be ultra-organised - take notes of everything, I used a phone app called Evernote - I am so grateful for it.  For other people, I'm sure paper and pad would be just fine.

Remembering names - I thought of actors / singers / places / things which I could somehow leverage, e.g. a guy's surname was Gamman, so I remembered his as 'bacon'.  There' are no rules and logic to these approaches - but if they work for you, that's good enough!

When struggling to swallow - I tilt my chin down onto my chest.

I'd get anxious of whether I had locked the front door when I left home - I took photos on my phone of my key in the door lock.

Never put off making notes - you may think it seems trivial and you won't forget it - you will.

Never be embarrassed about making notes - you are doing the wise thing​.