My other job on camp

(Mr Mop)

Near Montreal admiring my dream vehicle

Lincoln Memorial

My home for the summer

(including the wardrobe - my rucksack!)

My European pals (in Washington DC)

  • Levvy (Hungarian)
  • Derek (Polish)
  • Frank (Russian)

Camp Scatico

I spent the summer of 1993 at a USA summer camp in New York State, just after I'd left university at age 23.  I kept a diary of my wonderful time at Camp Scatico, it can be viewed by following this link.

I transcribed the letters exchanged between myself and my mother while I was at camp, and later during my travels - follow this link to open a PDF of the consolidated letters.

I've included some photos from Camp Scatico and the travails around America with new pals I made.

Near Montreal and facing reality - a car breakdown where all of the garage workers claimed they couldn't speak English

Yours truly at the ace Capital Building

It was even better than IHOP:

International (UK) Houses of Parliament

My American homeys

  • Floyd
  • Charles

My main job

(camp driver)

My home (including wardrobe)