Camp French Woods, New York

I spent two months here.

Camp America: 1989

Just before I started university aged nineteen, I spent the summer at summer camps in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  I kept some scribbled notes in my diary at the time, which can be viewed by clicking on this link.‚Äč

Camp Destinations & Day Trips

  • Empire State Building - Manhattan NY
  • Camp Woodstock - Woodstock Valley CT
  • Camp French Woods - Hancock NY
  • Scranton PA (day trip)
  • Niagara Falls - Ontario, Canada (day trip)

Travel after Camp

  • Hancock
  • Princeton NJ
  • Cape Charles VA
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge VA
  • Virginia Beach VA
  • Myrtle Beach SC
  • Isle of Palms SC
  • Edisto Beach SC
  • Charleston SC
  • Savannah GA
  • Jacksonville FL
  • Kissimmee FL
  • Disney World FL
  • Daytona FL
  • Fayetteville NC
  • Virginia Beach VA
  • Washington DC
  • Return from JFK NY

Clicking this link opens a PDF containing travel maps of the above trips.

Camp Woodstock, Connecticut

I spent one month here.

Post-Camp Travel