Anxiety - Six Months after RTC

I prepared for some notes for a meeting with my rehabilitation consultant, about six months after my discharge from Haywood rehabilitation centre:

  • I'm very uncomfortable being reminded of good things in my past, e.g. holidays, New York, London, etc.
  • I am anxious about having locked the front door after leaving my house
  • I am fearful of going to a different city with Ruth (my life partner), e.g. Stratford
  • I am scared of making changes to home computers
  • I would like to go on holiday, but fearful there could be a problem which turns it into an 'endurance task'
  • My right side has a strange 'posture'
  • ​​I have hearing problems in both ears.  My GP mentioned strange colour and texture when doing syringing
  • I have difficulty swallowing
  • I worry about my diminishing role in Olivia's (my daughter) life
  • ​I worry about my relationship with Ruth (my life partner) slipping away
  • I worry about Deb (ex-wife and mother of my daughter) struggling with finance