My Father

My father was born in Poland in 1927 and came to England after World War II.  Follow this link to view an article I wrote for a creative writers club about his war-time experience, as well as describing wider events / pertinent matters in his life.

My Niece

Follow this link to read the story of my niece Emma's perspective on the events which unfolded following my TBI.  I think of it as a thumbnail critique of what happens inside a loving family when confronted with a traumatic event.

Francis Hamlett

This link leads to a page for a man who was a good friend to me.  I thought it poignant to write a little about Frank and include the tribute from his family.

Roy Smith

A friend who's a retired senior construction engineer.  He has a fascinating life story to tell, see link.

Greg Weston
A friend who suffered a severe TBI in 2011.  He has made incredible progress in his recovery  He gains much contentment from helping others -  see

link leads to pages showcasing some of my adventures while working on American summer camps in the summers of 1989 and 1993 (aged 19 and 23).  There’s also a light-hearted video of me attempting (and failing) to learn a new life skill :-)