About Me


This link leads to a few pages describing my adventures while working on American summer camps in the summers of 1989 and 1993 (aged 19 and 23).  The page has also served as a place to mount my early childhood photos and some older family photos.

My Father

My father was born in Poland in 1927 and came to England after World War II.  Follow this link to see an article I wrote about his war-time experience for a creative writers club.

My Daughter

Follow this link to see some words I wrote about Olivia, my cherished daughter.

My Mother

This link has a tiny audio snippet of my mother taking to Olivia about myself.

My Niece

Follow this link to read the story of my niece Emma's perspective of the events which unfolded following my TBI.

My 'Half-Brother'

This link to my half-brother may be stretching the term family a little.  Nevertheless, given he was a good friend and an inspiration to me I thought important to write a tribute to him.‚Äč